Puppy Pre-School

All of our Puppies go through our Puppy pre-school program that is somewhat tailed to the "Puppy Culture socialization and stimulation Program"  This paves the way for a confident, well adjusted and well behaved puppy.  All of our puppies have been handled from a very young age.   Our puppies get the full grooming treatments so are use to having their feet, ears tails and teeth cleaned, they are use to electric clippers, baths and nail trimming .  Puppies live in our home so have experienced all the normal things that go on in a a family, the vaccume cleaner, fed-Ex guy, loud teenagers, young children, TV,  yard workers etc.  At about 6 weeks we start taking puppies individually on car rides.  By 8 weeks of age, Puppies have a good since of Potty basics,   Most Puppies have learned to come and have learned that humans are safe and friendly.  All of these things combined will help the transition to your home as well as make training a much easier task.  

Goldendoodle Labradoodle

Puppies in San 

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Breeder reserves the right to ANY puppy in Every litter, at ANY time 

             Breeders Warranty

As a responsible Breeder, we try to do everything possible to prevent health issues in the puppies produced.  I am more than happy to share any all all health testing certificates, DNA testing etc.   Our Warranty covers any genetic or  life inhibiting defects that may occur in all puppies we produce, for instance but not limited to Hip Dysplasia for up to two years of age (from Whelping date).   

​Labradoodle Brothers 

  Austraian Labradoodle 

                  (8 months old)

 Austraian  Labradoodle Pup


Goldendoodle Newborns 

* We do practice ESN for the        protection of our puppies.   

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Our Puppies

   We are looking for a Guardian Home for  medium sized  multigen Goldendoodle,  Go home date Mid May.    Must live In the San Luis Obispo area.  Email for more details and check out the "available pups" tab for gueardianship information