Sharper Doodles Puppy Application 

Often people tend to want to pick a puppy based on color or sex.   It is my experience that these are the least two important things when considering which puppy might fit best with a specific family.  These questions are meant to assist you in picking your puppy

(All Puppies are sold as companion dogs, We practice "ENS" (early spay and neuter, you will not need take the time and expense to get your puppy "fixed" )

Family,  All living in the home with children's ages

Describe your lifestyle inside and outside your home

Do you have a securely fenced yard?  If not, what is your plan to confine and protect your dog?  What is the plan for the dog to get needed exercise?

How long will puppy/dog be left alone each day?   

How much time do you see yourself spending with your puppy/dog each day (training, socializing and playing) 

What type of temperament are you looking for?  (confident, calm, playful, energetic, athletic, independent, shy)

What other animals do you have in your home?

Do you have dog/puppy experience? If yes, please describe.  

What is your plan for your puppy/dog when you go away and can not take him with you ?

Does anyone living in the home have known pet allergies?

How did you fine Sharper Doodles? 

Please list any other specifics you feel relevant to matching a puppy with your family.   

Must copy and past into email,  Answer questions and send