Planned breeding dates are estimates.  If interested in any of these litters, Please fill out and email the entire application to be considered.   Questions will be answered after the application is received.  The time to ask questions is Before the deposit is received.    I do not accept deposits until after the phone conversion where you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you have.   Deposits are "non-refundable".  click the "process" tab for price and more details 

​Waffle/Wilbur or Kai  Multi-Gen Doubledoodles 30-40 pound range 

Due April 20th  and take home dates June 17,18,19th

1) Breeders Pick 

2) Phillips

3) Nicholson

4) Coleman

5) O'Day

​6) Hua 

GG/Goose  Multi-Gen Double-Doodles  Minis 25-35 pound range 

Projected Honeymoon June 2021   If interested , please fill out the application and email back to me.  

1) Breeders Pick 

2) Russel

3) Morton

4) Lauritson

5) Bekkerst


​​​Maissie/Kai Multi-Gen Labradoodles 30-40 pound range 

DOB 4/16/2021  Pick dates June 11th or 12th

1) Fox/T

2) Arroyo 

3) Vice 

4) Fregosi 

5) Tarcini

6) Frydenlund